“Great design is great complexity presented via simplicity”

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Animation Displays-Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos
Essential Elements

Goals_Animation Big Arts Tech

The Right Goals

We create great explainer videos with clear goals. We don’t create to simply fill up space on a web page or in digital signage programming. The video is designed to trigger an intended result.

Script_Animation Big Arts Tech

The Right Script

The formula creates the outline of the video, and then the script fills in the details. On making the script we don’t use industry jargon we always use simple language

Timing_Animation Big Arts Tech

The Right Timing

The most important information should be in the first 30 seconds of the video. Attention spans substantially drop at this time so we make sure to catch the audience during the first 30 seconds.

Voice_Animation Big Arts Tech

The Right Voice

The quickest way to ruin a great video is to use low-quality voice-overs in production. We work with professional-quality sound.

Visual_Animation Big Arts Tech

The Right Visuals

We use these elements to put together a powerful explainer video that will captivate, educate, and convert your audience.

Animated Logos


An animated logo can become a working part of a storytelling process. Animation can give a more detailed explanation of the nature of a business than a static logo does. It works as a short video telling a unique story of a product or a company. Video content can easily set an emotional connection with viewers.

Animation Displays-Logo Design

Great logo intro Animation

Why_Big Arts Tech

Why Logo Animation

An animated logo can become a working part of a storytelling process, and give a more detailed explanation of the nature of a business than a static logo does

Identity_Big Arts Tech

Portray an Identity

Professional, creative, fun? We make the animation behave in certain ways that portray your brand emphasizing the feelings you want your company to be identified with.

BUILD UP_Big Arts Tech

Build Up

Build up curiosity, make the viewer want to see more. Remember, we are talking about a few seconds so each frame counts. It’s a good idea to avoid showing the whole logo at once. We can make each part appear sequentially or perhaps show a small detail then reveal the logo piece-by-piece.

DYNAMISM_Big Arts Tech

Add Dynamisim

We make your logo animation dynamic to capture and (once more) maintain the attention of your viewer

Timing_Animation Big Arts Tech

We keep it Short

In the age of the internet and constant media consumption, attention spans are plummeting